Road trip with your pet

traveling with pets

We all treat our pets as family members and try to provide them the best possible care. When it comes to traveling with your pets, sometimes things can get complicated. Here are some safety tips you should think about before traveling by car with your favorite pet.

1. Take your dog on a test drive

Before taking your dog on a longer trip with you, test the waters to see how they will react. Make sure your dog is able to travel with you without getting anxious, energized, and without getting motion sickness. Before you begin your journey, make sure you allow your dog to wander around the car with the engine off and start with a couple short trips, so your dog can become familiar with traveling by car. Take your dog somewhere fun and give treats, so that they associate a car journey with something good.


2. Get a check up before leaving

Before you begin with your trip, take your dog to the vet and make sure it is safe for traveling, especially if your pet has a preexisting condition and needs medication on the road.


3. Pack all that’s necessary

Bring their medication if needed, enough food for the entire trip (it couldn’t hurt if you pack for additional few days), don’t forget their favorite toys, blankets and bed. That makes them feel safe and comfortable, since the familiar smell reminds them of home.


4. Proper safety precaution

It is very important to keep your pet safe, and there are several secure methods, such as: pet car set, pet seat belt or a travel crate, mesh pane windows, and a booster seat. Don’t let your pet to join you on the front seat if you have air bags. Take frequent pit stops to walk your dog.


5. Find pet friendly accommodation and choose destinations accordingly

Some locations are more suited than others for your pet, try not to intimidate your pet with too many changes. 

Bon voyage!

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