6 Easy Winter Car Care Tips

6 Easy Winter Car Care Tips

6 Winter Car Care Tips

It’s the time of the year when temperatures are so low that nobody wants to leave the house. When necessity takes over, we have to prepare ourselves for all scenarios. According to various research (and personal experience), cars break down the most in the winter season. Every winter we fight a new challenge. This year, we created a helpful list of tips and tricks how to fight the cold!

Here are some of the most unexpected and useful winter car care tips we have came across to help survive winter driving:

Socks over wipers/socks in the glove compartment

Raise your wipers at night and cover them with socks. That will prevent wipers from freezing to your window. Another great use of socks is keeping a spare pair in your car’s glove compartment to put on over your shoes. This trick comes in handy, since it gives you better traction in case you have to push your car over ice, or you just need to walk in snow and ice for some reason.

Credit card in the role of an ice scraper

Anything plastic, like spatula would be a great ice scraper. Just don't use anything metal or glass, in order to avoid scraping the windows or doors.

Chalkboard eraser

Fogged up windshields and windows are very dangerous if you are on the road. To quickly clear fog without leaving stain or smudge behind, use a chalkboard eraser.

Toothpaste and wax

Use toothpaste to clean headlights, it’s a great way to protect your headlights and add extra brightness. After the toothpaste is removed, apply a layer of wax. It will improve clarity and keep snow or water from sticking to the headlights.


Cheap and easy DIY de-icer. Spray the windows the night before to prevent icing.

Plastic bags

Forsty side mirrors can be prevented by covering them with plastic bags the night before. Secure the bags with rubber bands. After you remove the bags in the morning, the mirrors will be ice-free.

Be safe everywhere you go!


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