AutoRide Service Tips To Keep Your Vehicle On The Road

No matter where the road may take you, your car, truck or SUV will need routine service to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient performance that lasts. Berks County drivers often have questions about servicing their vehicle, like "how often do I need to change my oil?". We want to answer all of your questions and share a few service tips to help keep you on top of service and your vehicle performing at its best for many miles to come.

Staying on top of your vehicle's service needs is the easiest way to ensure ideal performance, but what service do you need and how often? Two services that your vehicle will need on a regular basis is having your tires rotated and oil changed. These are two of the least expensive services your vehicle will need and go a long way to extending your vehicle's life. Both services can also be done at the same mileage interval, roughly every 6-8,000-miles, which makes it easy to stay up to date with both services.

Clean motor oil is vital to your engine's performance by preventing dirt from building up inside. When dirt builds in your engine, your engine has to work hard to generate power and two things will happen. One, you will use more gas and lower your fuel economy. Two, the friction created from the dirt on the moving pieces will generate heat and over time can cause the parts of your engine to warp and seize. This is a very costly repair that you will want to avoid. The biggest benefit regularly rotating your tires is that you will extend the life of your tires. Rotating your tires is when our service team changes the location of each tire to make sure that the treads are wearing down evenly. This also delivers a smooth driving experience and will provide maximum contact with the road for ideal traction and control.

We suggest that our customers from around Reading give their vehicle a once over from time to time to look for;

  • Cracks or bulges in their tires
  • All exterior lights are working
  • Look for cracks in the windshield
  • Check wipers to ensure they are in good condition
  • Top of wiper fluid

Your brakes will also need attention from time to time. There is no set time interval for having pads, rotors or calipers replaced, they will wear down over time based on your driving habits. Hard braking from high speeds will wear them down faster than slowly coming to a stop. So how will you know that it is time to have your brakes inspected or replaced. The most common signs that your brakes require attention is if you hear a squeaking or squealing sound when you step on the brakes. Or you hear a deep grinding sound of metal on metal. Another sign that you need new brakes is when you can feel strong vibrations on the brake pedal when applying the brakes. You will also notice that the wheels feel like they are grabbing and jerking when coming to a brake. Our service team will be able to properly diagnose what is going on with your brakes and repair them so you can safely come to a stop at a moment's notice.

Schedule your next service appointment online or by giving us a call. Our service center is located at 2526 Centre Ave Suite B in Reading, PA and we hope to see you soon!

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