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Why It Makes Sense To Replace Your Vehicle's Battery

While there are many parts on your vehicle that have to work correctly for your car to start and run, the first link in that chain is your car's battery. If you have a problem with your battery, your car won't start, and you'll be stuck in your driveway or in a parking lot in Reading, PA. Therefore, it's vital to have your battery regularly serviced and replaced when its lifecycle is complete. Given the importance of batteries to proper vehicle operation, we at AutoRide of Reading make impeccable battery service a focus in our service department.

What's Involved In Battery Change Service?

When caring for your vehicle's battery, we want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. That's why we test your battery every time you bring your vehicle in for service to ensure that it has plenty of power remaining so that it can properly start your vehicle in the Laureldale area. We use advanced testing equipment to show us how much power remains in the battery, and if there are any dead cells, and a host of other information that is useful as we care for your battery.

Since we keep regular tabs on your battery, it will be easy to determine when it needs to be replaced. When it does come time to replace your battery, you can be sure that we'll use high-quality batteries that can withstand the demanding weather conditions in Wyomissing. We have multiple types of batteries to choose from, meaning that we can replace batteries in any type of vehicle and do it at a price that can fit any budget. In addition, when we change your battery, we'll perform a complete test of your vehicle's electrical system to ensure that its in good working order.

What Are The Benefits of Changing Your Battery?

Due to the chemical composition of batteries, their ability to deliver power decreases over time. The summer heat can cause the chemicals in the battery to evaporate, while the winter cold tends to draw more power from your battery when you start your vehicle. Eventually, this leaves you with a battery that can't provide enough power, known as cold-cranking amps, that is necessary to turn over the starter motor. If this happens, you'll hear the familiar "clicking" sound that's so often associated with a miserable morning in Sinking Spring.

When you replace your battery at our dealership, this problem becomes much less of a concern. Therefore, you won't have to worry about being stranded somewhere, unable to start your vehicle. In addition, because a newer battery can provide more power, your car will start more quickly, which will put less wear and tear on your starter motor.

Why Does A Battery Die?

Given its complex nature, many conditions can cause a battery to stop producing power. The most common problem is simply old age. Every battery is designed to last a specific number of years, depending on the nature of its chemical makeup. Typically, once you exceed this design specification, you'll eventually come out to a dead battery.

Of course, a dead battery can also occur if you leave power-using accessories on when your vehicle isn't running in Hamburg, PA. When this happens, you can jumpstart your car to get the battery charged again. However, if the battery becomes too far depleted, you may not be able to charge it again, meaning it will need replacing.

Finally, a battery may die if the alternator in your vehicle dies. Since the alternator is responsible for charging the battery while the vehicle is running, a dead alternator will quickly deplete the battery. However, when your alternator dies, you typically don't have to replace the battery once the alternator is replaced.

Learn More About Our Battery Services at AutoRide of Reading

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