Lift Your Truck or Jeep with Us at AutoRide Service Center

Lift Your Truck or Jeep with Us at AutoRide Service Center

Do you have a Jeep or truck and like to go off-roading? Have you considered lifting your truck for optimal performance off-road? If you live in or around Berks County you can stop by our Automotive Service Center to learn more about all the options we have when lifting your Jeep or truck.

We've performed many lifted truck services and we are proud of the work we've done. You can check out some of the lifted trucks we've worked on below and educate yourself on the different lift kits available and the advantages of owning a lifted truck or Jeep.

Three Advantages to Driving a Lifted Truck or Jeep

Driving a lifted truck or Jeep is not just an aesthetic thing. There are actually a handful of reasons to buy a lifted truck if you're an avid off-road driver, tow frequently, or desire better visibility. Lifted trucks deliver all these and more and that's why so many Reading, PA drivers choose to lift their vehicles.


  • Better visibility With a lifted truck you are situated higher giving you better visibility. It doesn't matter if you're just commuting to Reading, PA or trying to explore new lengths off the beaten path, you'll get a lot more visibility when you are driving a lifted truck or Jeep. Having a lifted truck also helps you see traffic jams early on so that you can take the necessary steps to avoid them if necessary.
  • Enhanced off-road performance When you lift your truck you're getting more ground clearance which allows you to tackle more off-roading adventures. The increased ground clearance reduces the risk of you damaging the underbelly of your vehicle. Places that you once thought were too tricky to take on have all of a sudden opened up.
  • Greater towing capabilities As you tow with a lifted truck, you gain a better safety margin and weight advantage against the load you're towing. This means that you can tow more without having to worry about your truck swerving or losing control.

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Different Kinds of Lift Kits

There are a couple of different kinds of lifts that we can perform on your Jeep or truck. You can choose between a body lift kit, a suspension lift kit, and leveling lift kits.

Body lift kits work to lift the body of the vehicle but continues to keep the chassis and suspension at the same height in relation to the ground. For body lift kits you don't get additional ground clearance, but it’s a good choice if you're consistently driving on highways and streets because it adds lift without sacrificing handling, steering, or ride comfort.

Suspension lift kits are best for drivers who are avid off-roaders because they give you additional ground clearance. Depending on what kind of suspension kit you get you'll likely get new shocks, bushings, and bigger control arms. You typically gain 1-3 inches of ground clearance with a suspension lift kit.

Most of the time, leveling kits are added for aesthetic purposes but they can also help you haul. Leveling kits do just that--level the stance of a Jeep or truck from front to rear.

Get Your Jeep or Truck Lifted at Our Automotive Service Center Serving Berks County

Whether you're looking to haul more or want to upgrade the look of your Jeep or truck we can help you at AutoRide of Reading. We have several knowledgeable technicians that can help guide you to the best lift kit for your vehicle and driving use.



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