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You rely on your source of transportation when traveling around Reading, PA. From catching a game at FirstEnergy Stadium to exploring The Pagoda - an Asian-inspired novelty building - you need a reliable ride when frequenting these Pennsylvania attractions. To promote top-notch performance, you need to comply with your routine auto maintenance schedule at AutoRide of Reading. An important type of auto repair is the oil change. While it may seem minor, changing the oil filter on your car will keep it on the road and out of the shop.

Importance of Booking Oil Changes for Your Car

Have you ever wondered why oil changes are such a key component of routine car maintenance? If you have, you're not the only Reading driver to ask. At AutoRide of Reading, we have a group of certified technicians who are happy to explain how specific auto repairs boost overall vehicle functionality. When it comes to changing the oil filter, five benefits play into the importance.

  • Fresh oil keeps your engine lubricated and cool it down to prevent overheating from constant friction while you're driving in Reading, PA.
  • With a new filter and fresh oil, your engine will run smoothly, which in turn will improve the ratings you get for highway and city gas mileage.
  • Old, slow-moving oil bogs down engine performance and damages the lifespan of your car. Providing new oil extends the life of your engine.
  • Sticking to your oil change schedule allows a certified technician to check up on the engine to see if any issues need immediate addressing.
  • Keeping your engine clean and running smoothly makes your mode of transportation safer when you're commuting to GoogleWorks Center for the Arts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oil Changes

Now that you're aware of the five benefits of regular oil changes, it's time to answer popular questions related to this type of auto maintenance. If you have a different inquiry, you can send it to us online or call our service center directly to speak with one of our technicians.

  • How often should I get an oil change? You can start with your maintenance schedule for your specific make and model. However, the general rule of thumb for oil change intervals is approximately 3,000 miles or three months for a conventional oil change and 6,000 miles or six months for a full-synthetic oil change.
  • What could happen to my car if I don't get regular oil changes?If you ignore the need for a new oil filter and fresh oil, your engine, and all the under-the-hood components, will overheat from increased, un-lubricated friction. A lack of oil changes will likely cause a breakdown that results in an expensive repair.
  • Can I switch brands of oil between my oil changes? Yes, you can switch oil brands - and even conventional and synthetic oil. If the oil brand meets the guidelines in your owner's manual (viscosity and engine oil specification), you won't face any unexpected issues by switching it up from time to time. You can even chat with a technician to see which brand is best.
  • What is the difference between conventional and synthetic oil?The main difference is cost. Full-synthetic oil changes will always cost more than the entry-level conventional option. That's because synthetic oil offers greater lubrication and protection, which is why it comes with longer intervals between oil changes. It's perfect for high-mileage cars or high-performance engines.

Reserve an Oil Change Appointment at AutoRide of Reading Today

At your used car dealership in Reading, PA, you'll find an automotive service center with seasoned technicians and pristine service bays where you can get your next oil and filter change. AutoRide of Reading also runs service specials that can lower the cost of your full-synthetic or conventional oil change. Don't allow your engine to overheat because of neglected car maintenance. Submit your oil-change appointment request today.

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